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Say No to Drug  

Contoh english Pidato:

To my beloved friends here, who was sharing another’s trials and tribulations in the same fate and destiny, and to all any bodies here? Peace is upon you and God’s Mercy and Blessing. All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the world. What a beautiful day today! This is a lovely day, because our God has given us healthy, wealthy and wise. I wish as good luck forever! I am not forgetting to thank you very much for your trouble to come here to joint in this ceremony. I wish it was really a wonderful meeting and I wish you had very goodtime .This is an honors for me to be here to speaking with you.

In this time I will tell you describe about the influence of drugs to Youngman in social life. Many problems and consegurance in social life because a drugs. Only with find the root of problems. We can solve the problems; problem can clear with clearing the problems. Because that we can’t afraid with problems or forget the problem with drugs we muss solve them! Many young people use drugs to solve the problem, but don’t know what can happen in the future if they still use a drug. May be they right, drugs can make we ply but with drugs your body will damage and you will death. Drug contains addictives who make us dependence with drugs. If you know not easy to free from a drugs. Your future is broken, you will solve the problem but with consuming drugs you make more problems. In Al Baqoroh Allah say:

Yas’alunaka ‘anilkhamri walmaisii qul fihima ismun kabirun wamnafi’u kabriun. Ismun fihima iinnasi wa ismuhuma akbaru min naf’ihima.

And the meaning:

In Bukhori story hadits, say:
Innaulahha warasullulahhu kharoma baingal qomer wal maiti qinjiri wal asnam

And the meaning:
Allah SWT and Rosul forbidden to sell alcohol, pig corpse and berhala.
You can see in that story, who with clear Allah SWT and Rosul forbidden you to use a drugs. In real life using a drugs much damaged people body, included a health and peace full in social life. With that I distinct keep okay our self from drugs.
“No body’s perfect”, no except in I had been available this speaking for that I apologize. I realize that this speaking I far from being perfect, but I do expect it will be of any use for you. It is for this reason that we open my door for the constructive criticism as well as the advice from those who really want to have this speaking. I am aware this of the risk we run by providing this speaking. I feel, however, that be doing o further progress in my learning and writing in English may be made. Finally, I express gratitude and appreciation to many of persons who had assisted me for the guidance of my learning in English. For that I am greatly indebted to my teachers in my best school, I hope this dong benefits listeners wishing to understand about my ideas.
Wasalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh

Thank You

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