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Human naked eyes cannot observe objects with size smaller than 0.1 mm. microscope is a tool that is used to observe microscopic objects that cannot be seen with the naked eyes.The first microscope which was invented had only one lens. A present day microscope is considered compound because it has two lenses. The magnifying ability of a compound microscope is better than a single-lenses microscope.
A microscope works in a certain mechanism. A light microscope works by means of centralizing rays which are caught by our eyes (and also ultra violet) to form a magnified shadow of an object.
Nowadays, scientists commonly use modern light microscopes. This kind of microscope has an essential part, like objective lens, which is located near the object to be observed. This lens usually attacked to a revolver, which can be turned, and is used as a lens-changing tool. An ocular lens is located near our eyes when the microscope is being used. There are several objective lenses available, with options of magnifying ability; 5X, 10X, 45X, and 100X. There is only one or two ocular lenses, with the magnifying ability of 5X, 10X, or 15X. The two lenses at the microscope are connected by a tube, called microscope tube.
A microscope that has one ocular lens called a monocular microscope, while the one that has two ocular lenses is called a binocular microscope.

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