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Pidato English  

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

Secure and prosperous Greeting to you is all. Esquire Mr. Headmaster of SMA N I Bantul, esquire of You Teacher / employees, esquire all happy invitation guest and my me which I love.

Before us start event at]this morning let us climb to worship and praise thanks of[is presence of
God blessing of YME and Prophet of Muhammad SAW along with its friends which have given blessing and its it[him] to us so that altogether can gather at fair morning.
I here wish to inform that the present day this a lot of pupils becoming globalization era victim which cannot be controlled again. Era globalization victim generally is less religious child to God of YME ( Flimsy of its belief). One of the deed example of digress which is done/conducted all pupil in this time is usage of Handphone ( too excessive HP), may even exist also pupil using it for mencontek when restating. Handphone also cause annoyed of process learn to teach in school executed by all pupil and all related/relevant subject teacher. Fortunately in this time go to school ( specially SABA) in this time have had special kiat-kiat to fight the mentioned, but to be is effective of that kiat-kiat shall not only going into effect at just pupil because teacher bringing Handphone also quite a lot. Therefore let us royong bergotong to create atmosphere which is tertip, kondusif and is peaceful.
Just that's all oration from me if (there are) any mistake request you have the pleasure to to forgive

Wr Wassalamu'alaikum. wb

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  • hastine
    1:53 PM  

    This is very interesting blog . I just wanted to say thanks you for writing and giving your knowledge to such an informative helpful blog.
    So thanks!

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