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Belajar English: Contoh Present Tense  

Contoh Kalimat Present Tense sederhana yang dapat kita pergunakan sehari-hari. Mari belajar bahasa english. yey!
  1. I always do the same things and at the same time. 
  2. I always drink two glasses of milk in the morning. 
  3. I usually arrive at school at twenty five past eight. 
  4. When does the TransJogja usually leave? 
  5. Nothing is allowed to leave the works until it has been carefully checked. 
  6. The children leave at 8:30 every morning of the week. 
  7. Shu! The baby is taking her nap. 
  8. In the north the season changes four times a year . 
  9. The monsoon season comes once or twice a year. 
  10. The weather gets very cold in Kulonprogo in the rainny season. 
  11. It is raining hard, and I don't have an umbrella. 
  12. It's November and the birds are flying south. 
  13. Many birds of Europe fly south to Africa every winter. 
  14. My wife likes coffee for breakfast. 
  15. What does Tom usually have for breakfast? 
  16. Riko Mamingxil works eight hours a day. 
  17. I often wear jeans and T-shirts. 
  18. He never forgets his wallet. 
  19. I have a beautiful garden. 
  20. My whole family goes to Mosque once a week.

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