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Using and taking care of a microscope  

Microscope is an expensive tool and has to be handled with great care. Use one hand to hold the arm, and the other hand to support the lower part of the base. Never attempt to swing or throw it when placing it on a surface. Do not attempt to lift the microscope on the body tube, otherwise some parts may fall and break.

You will not be able to get a clear and good view of an object if the microscope or the slide is dirty. All equipment must be thoroughly cleaned before use. Use soft cloth to wipe the metal part. Dust is the lens’s biggest enemy. Dirty lenses must be cleaned with soft cloth, absorbing cotton, or lens paper that is dampened with soapy water, alcohol, or Lysol.

The following are procedures in using a microscope.

  1. Microscope should be handled with two hands; one hand to support the base, and the other to hold the microscope arm.
  2. In storing condition, put the microscope and low power objective lens in an upright position.
  3. When observing specimen, at first use low power objective lens.
  4. If the image is not clearly seen, does not use high power objective lens.
  5. When changing from low power to high power objective lens, always be careful to look at the position of the objective lens, to avoid sudden contact between the objective lens and the specimen, which many cause damage to the specimen.
  6. Do not expose the mirror directly to the sun, otherwise the sunlight will be reflected to your eyes and may affect your vision.
  7. Clean lenses with lens paper. Use some drops of water to the lens paper to clean the lenses or use alcohol to remove heavier dirt on the lenses.
  8. Be careful when using a cover glass. It breaks easily and may hurt your hand, especially when it is pressed.

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