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Kilt: A Scoottish Unique Traditional Cloth  

What is kilt on A Scoottish Unique Traditional Cloth
Here its :

  1. The kilt is a knee-length skirt-like garment traditionally worn by men. It is generally associated today with scooland or the gaelic people of british ishes and normandy. The kilts that are mostly known today are tartan kilts. Tartan is a pliad cloth paterrn consisting of stripes of various width and colours. In the past, the number and colour of the stripes were used to identify a certain clan. So, every clan has their own tartan kilt. Bagpipes players always wear the tartan kilt as we often see today.

  2. The kilt has been worn in different societies and through different periods of history. It is the gaelic, especially scottish kilts that are well known to use, but it is not the only kilt worn in modern times. Kilts of various styles have been worn in modern greece. The styles varied widely in different regions of greece. The most famous is a white kilt that has become the ceremonial uniform of greek soldiers. The gaelic people of ireland, like those of scotland, wore the kilts as well.

  3. The modern image of the kilt is very different from its esrlier historical image. In the 18th century, the tartan kilt was the identity of highland scottish. The kilt along with bagpipes had been the symbol of the wild, warlike highland scoottish clans. They are cosidered as barbarous savages. In 1745, the kilt dressed highlanders led by bonnie prince charlie had threatened the British empire. Because of the rebellion, the british parliamentbanned tartan and the use of highland dress until 1782. Punishment for a first offence was a six month imprisonment; a second offence earned the wearer a seven year exile to an overseas work farm. The ban had succeeded in altering highland society. Many of the old traditions and customs had been lost forever, including the old kinds of tartan kilts. In spite of many efforts to revive the tradition, wearing kilt had been seen as only a nationalistic statement and was no longer seen as a way of live.

  4. The kilt as a fashion for boys or men has continued into modern times. The kilt as a school uniform is primarily still worn in scotland. The scottish schools use them as uniform, but this only occurs at private school. However, english and occasional american boys at the scottish private schools don’t like kilt uniform. Even, some of them had never heard of a kilt before enrolling at the schools. Some schools in ireland also adopted the kilt as a school uniform, but not as commonly as in scotland.

  5. Kilts are also still worn at scottish events around the world. All people attending the events wear kilts. The example of the events is dunedin summer, held in edinburgh, south east scotland. While the ia a popular feature at scottish highland gatherings, it is rarely seen at irish events. At irish event, only the pipers and dancers wear kilts. The dancers only put on their kilt cstumes to perform and then take them off immediately after their last performace.

  6. The other occasion in which kilts are worn is the wedding ceremony. The groom, attendants and guests wear kilts as formal dress at scottish weddings. Ring bearers in scotland and england also sometimes wear kilts. Normally, they are combined with black jackets.

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