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Life A Gardener  

Mr. Tono is a very bright plantation master, simple, and wise in deciding a matter. He have three all child people have sat my bench of SMA and one wife people. Because wife Mr. Tono only a housewife become Mr. Tono have to strive to defray all requirement of family which longer progressively increase many, along with growth of epoch.

Because progressively leap it price requirement of food materials and other requirement hence Mr. Tono take wise decision, he set mind on to found garden shop in front of its house which close to roadway with have obtained education stock to it studying time in school. First time of storing is true its buyer very silent even there no buyer everyone. But that thing change at once moment there is a Korean incoming turis which try buy in Shop Mr. Tono. Because that turis satisfy with result of job Mr. Tono he later;then start to buy result of garden Mr. Tono with amount of which more and more. Because that Korea turis advise to its business friends finally a lot of orders coming from other nations.

Because intellegence and his patience is he succeed to move forward the effort its garden so that can become effort which is very profit. Because hard effort of him that's finally they earn prosperous life and can send to school its child up to master.

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